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So the journey that began in Delhi in August 2018 has finally reached its destination. It actually started with an instalment of my weekly column on way back in 2013, and they have kindly shared an extract from the chapter Let The Good Times Roll (thank you, Layo & Bushwacka!) in which former superstar DJ, now self-appointed world leader Tito details how he created Love Buzz, the non-stop virtual EDM festival that unites a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Turns out the aforementioned weekly column is generally regarded as ground zero for the “EDM is a state-sponsored mind control tool” conspiracy theory. So I’m told by Chicago-based journalist Shannon Nico Shreiback, who tracked me down for her most excellent weekly newsletter on the weaponisation of music and asked me to expound on my theories and how The Drop ties them all together.

The beating heart of The Drop is not EDM, but the house, breakbeat, progressive, trance and 90s rave bombs I cut my teeth on. Every chapter is named for a classic tune, and I’ve collated every one that’s available into four hours and thirty minutes of Spotify playlist pleasure below.

If you want to go deeper, this monster 12-hour playlist contains most of the tracks/artists/labels namechecked across The Drop‘s pages…

And here are the ones that Spotify is missing…

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