When we put together the issue plan for the launch of THREE, an Australian-first iPad-only culture magazine, we aimed our sights high.

I stumbled across the factoid that our first issue would coincide with the 20th anniversary of Slacker hitting US cinemas. “Why wouldn’t Richard Linklater want to talk to a magazine which doesn’t exist yet?” I thought as I fired off an email to his production company in Austin.

Several days later I got the reply and we were on. I missed a brief aside which it turns out was about Before Midnight being a thing, and we chatted very briefly about the then Untitled 12-Year Project that was to become Boyhood.

But this was about Slacker, and Mr Linklater delivered.

Oh, and we pushed back our launch by a month, so this was part of a very brief Sampler edition of THREE which landed on the App Store a month before our eventual September 2011 premiere.