If I never again experience a junket as mind-blowing as the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, I won’t be too disappointed.

Listening to Nile Rodgers (pre-Daft Punk-assisted comeback) and Trevor Horn freewheel for hour-upon-hour about their incredible careers is the stuff dreams are made of. Horn spoke about every artist he’d worked with (yes, even t.A.T.u.) except Yes – when I asked him in passing as he toured the RBMA complex after his lecture, he quipped “Those guys can barely step into a room together without the lawyers being called”, which sounds about right.

The dream didn’t end there. After parting ways with Street Press Australia a few months after this was published, I spent a couple of years doing content and PR for RBMA’s activations in Australia, which was as awesome as it sounds.

But not as awesome RBMA in Madrid (or NYC, for that matter), which you can read in its original iPad layout (though sadly minus the video embeds) below.