Danny Howells has never been my favourite DJ, but across 15 years of seeing him in action across half a dozen sets in several cities he’s been one of the most consistent.

Same goes for his DJ mixes. His Miami instalment for Global Underground would rival Sasha’s Ibiza mix as the best in series history, while his Choice: Collection of Classics set is incredible – the drum solo from In A Gadda Da Vida blends so seamlessly into Papa Was A Rolling Stone it’s as if the two songs were recorded side by side.

Old Howellsy (his words, not mine!) is not only a super-friendly cat, but remarkably open about his own insecurities. He delved into the thought process behind some of his best-loved DJ mixes for me on the eve of dropping Balance 024, starting with Choice and his Essential Mix for BBC, then moving on to Nubreed, Miami, 24:7 and Renaissance: The Mix Collection.